Johanna Banck-Burgess

Johanna Banck-Burgess is a senior archaeologist at the State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology in Baden-Württemberg (Landesamt für Denkmalpflege-LAD), Esslingen, Germany. She has been intensively involved in textile archaeology for over 30 years.  Johanna wrote her master’s thesis covering the theme Neolithic textiles in Middle-Europe. For her PhD she examined the early iron age textiles found at the grave mound in Eberdingen-Hochdorf/Germany. At the LAD, Johanna is responsible for both new and old finds stemming from current excavations. This includes developing and supporting new research methods especially in the area of strongly decomposed organic material, and developing focus points for further research. Likewise, Johanna is responsible for the coordination of various research projects like THEFBO. One of Johanna’s main objectives is a broader integration of textile research and results into publications and exhibitions.