Susanna Harris

Dr Susanna Harris is Lecturer in Archaeology at the School of Humanities, University of Glasgow. Dr Harris gained her first degree in archaeology at the University of Durham, masters and PhD at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. Since then, Harris has been employed in archaeological research in Italy, Germany and the UK. An expert in archaeological material culture, Harris specialises in the analysis of textiles, leather and basketry using scientific, theoretical and experimental approaches. Her current projects are ‘Fibres and Fabrics from Must Farm Bronze Age Pile-Dwelling’ England and ‘Unwrapping the Galloway Hoard’, Scotland. Harris’s work on material properties and the sensory archaeology of textiles have been influential in the field. She has co-edited volumes ‘Wrapping and Unwrapping Material Culture: Archaeological and Anthropological Approaches’ and ‘Why Leather? The material and cultural dimensions of leather’.