Bernhard Gramsch

Bernhard Gramsch (*1934 in Berlin);  1952-1956 study of  pre- and protohistory  at  Humboldt-University  Berlin; Ph. D. 1963: thesis on the Mesolithic age of North-East Germany ; 1965-1991 director of the Museum of Pre- and Protohistory Potsdam, being also the state  institution for the protection and investigation of antiquities in the Marchia of Brandenburg; 1991-1999 head of a department of the this museum;  1999 retired; 1963 member of the expedition of the German Academy of Sciences Berlin for rock art survey and studies along the Nile in Nubia/Rep. Sudan flooded by the Assuan high dam; 1964-1967 excavations  on two Mesolithic sites on Rugia Island; 1968 and 1973-1975 excavations on Final Palaeolithic sites at Golssen and at Burow  (Brandenburg); 1977-1989, 1998 excavations  of the Mesolithic wetland sites Friesack 4 and Friesack 27 (Brandenburg). – Many publications, mainly on results of Mesolithic excavations and on related problems.