Irenäus Matuschik

Irenäus Matuschik, born 19.11.1956 in Koźle, Poland. Moved to Germany in 1966. From 1976 studied prehistory and early history, ethnology and history in Freiburg, Kiel, and Regensburg. 1985-86 Civilian service. 1987-90 Doctorate "The Neolithic settlement in Riekofen-Kellerfeld - contribution to the Late Neolithic in southern Bavaria" at the University of Freiburg. 1992-96 Collaboration in archaeometallurgical research projects. 1998-2001 Employed at the WLM Stuttgart and the Central Find Archive Rastatt. 2002-05 Employment at the LAD Baden-Württemberg in the DFG research project "The pottery finds of the oldest lake dwelling settlements at Lake Constance and their position in the cultural structure of the Central European Neolithic". 2006-07 Completion of the Hornstaad pottery publication. 2008-12 Employment at the LAD in the DFG research project "The `Sipplinger Dreieck' as a model of Late Neolithic settlement and economic dynamics at Lake Constance". 2013-17 Evaluation of the pottery finds and the excavations in Sipplingen and preparation of a manuscript for the findings volume of the Sipplingen publication. 2018 Employment at the LAD in the THEFBO project on "Vessel pottery and containers in the Late Neolithic at Lake Constance". 2019-dato: LAD, preparation of manuscripts for the features volume of the Sipplingen publication: vessel pottery, textile pottery, metallurgical evidence and, together with Melanie Janik, hatchets, and axes.