Sebastian Million

Sebastian Million is a researcher at the dendrochronological laboratory of the State Office for Cultural Heritage Preservation in the Stuttgart Regional Council (LAD). He studied Forest Sciences at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg (Germany) and he was for one year as an exchange student at the Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdivia. Thus, wood and bark are his main topic for many years. After leaving the University in 2007 with a diploma, he started working at the dendrochronological laboratory of the LAD with research on archaeological wet-wood. In 2018 a new challenge began with the anatomical determination of tree bast and bark in the THEFBO project.

Doris Mischka

Since March 2013 full professor at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen for recent prehistory. Studied Prehistory and Early History, Classical Archaeology with a focus on Archaeology of the Roman Provinces and Egyptology at the Universities of Cologne and Bologna. Master's degree in 2000 on stone artefacts from the Linear Pottery well of Erkelenz-Kückhoven 2000. Doctoral thesis in 2004 as part of the research training group "Contemporary Landscape Genesis" at the University of Freiburg i. Br. on settlement and landscape development from the Late Neolithic to the Iron Age in the area of the southern Upper Rhine. Assistant at the University of Kiel from 2005 to 2011. Habilitation on a megalithic cemetery near Flintbek south of Kiel.  Research assistant at the University of Göttingen from 2011 to 2013.

Numerous excavations in Germany and abroad, mainly of Neolithic sites. Since 2019 "Expert Archaeologist" in Romania. Main research interests are: Settlement and landscape archaeology, stone artefacts, Neolithic, and metal ages, geoinformation systems in archaeology, wetland archaeology and prospecting methods.